Your Dog is a Floor Scratcher? Discover Why?


Our pets have many unusual behaviours. Cute ones endear us. Some are annoying and damaging. Floor-scratching is one. This post explains why dogs scratch flooring and what you can do to stop it. Dogs scratch for several reasons, and most are harmless. Here are some of the reasons your dog’s claws might like your flooring.

  1. Comfort Scratching! – Dogs may scratch flooring to make a bed. Your dog may think scratching the floor will make it more comfortable, even if it won’t. This behaviour is presumably inherited from dogs’ ancestors since it made a better sleeping spot in the wild.
  1. Floor Temperature – Dogs may scratch the floor to cool down. On sweltering days, a dog may “unearth” a cool place by scratching the floor. On cold days, scratching may be an attempt to construct a cosy “nest.”
  1. Marking the Territory – Animals scratch to mark territory. Scratches indicate a dwelling area. Scratching dogs secrete a smell from their paws. This aroma marks a dog’s territory. If new people or even other dogs have been to your house recently, your dog may start to scratch the floors.
  1. Something Under the Floor! – Dogs smell and hear better than humans. If your dog hears anything, it may scratch the floor. Your dog may hear an insect or rodent moving under the floor, especially in a house with floorboards, causing it to scratch.
  1. Entertainment and Boredom – Unstimulated dogs get bored… Your dog may find floor-scratching stimulating. Scratching may provide entertainment if it’s bored.
  1. Excess Energy – In addition to boredom, a lack of exercise makes dogs hyperactive. This energy causes harmful behaviour. Your dog may scratch because he has too much energy. resulting in floor scratches.
  1. Attention Seeking – Your dog may have accidentally scratched the floor once, and you chastised or otherwise rewarded it. Our dogs can link events and consequences. Your dog may scrape floors to catch your attention if it doesn’t realise it’s doing something wrong.
  1. Anxiety – Dogs may scratch flooring out of anxiety. It could be induced by storms or loud noises, or nervousness. Your dog may feel anxious if left alone for lengthy periods or if you’re remodelling your home. Even rearranging your room might make some dogs anxious.

How to Stop Dogs Scratching Floors? 

Stopping your dog from scratching your floors relies on why it’s doing it and if it’s causing damage. First, determine why your dog scratches. How does it look? It’s energetic? It’s used? Is it hurting? Indoors, too cold or hot? If your dog scrapes flooring because it’s hot or chilly, turn up the heat or open some doors and windows.

Maybe your dog heard something under the floor and is trying to get it. Whether so, check what it is to see if you should be concerned. If you haven’t exercised your dog, it may be overstimulated or bored. A walk and some play may stop it from scratching your floors. Your dog may have learnt that floor-scratching gets your attention. If so, don’t overreact when it scratches the floor and distract it. If you can foresee when your dog will scratch, you can redirect its attention before it starts. 

For medical reasons, dogs may scratch floors. They may experience anxiety, pain, or compulsive behaviour. They may be old. If you think your dog is sick and clawing the floor, consult a vet.

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