Yercaud: The Perfect Destination for A Pet Vacation!


For pet parents, planning a pet vacation often involves some heavy-duty decision making! Where to go, how to go, what to do are important questions to be answered before drawing out detailed pet travel plans. If you are from a city like Chennai, where Summer is not a Season but a way of life, then it would be best to head towards the hills with your fur buddies in tow! From the picturesque mountains and pristine waters of Ooty, to the surreal landscapes and pleasant weather of Kodai and Coorg, the options are aplenty for Chennaites. However, pet parents today are keen on designing unique, one-of-a-kind pet vacation experiences for their furry friends. Hence, they steer clear off obvious choices, and gravitate towards largely untouched, unspoilt destinations instead. In the last couple of years, Yercaud has quietly, but confidently entered the pet travel radar of many pet parents.

Set amidst the lush, green, majestic Shevroy mountain range, Yercaud is a hill station like no other! For the longest time, this sleepy little hill town was largely known for its magical orange groves, and massive coffee and tea plantations. It is only recently that Yercaud has gained popularity as a delightful pet vacation spot! The reasons for this new-found status are many! This blog delves into these reasons, while providing some useful tips on how to choose the right destination for a ‘Paw’fect pet vacation.

What Makes Yercaud a Fun Place for Pet Vacations?

In recent times, pet parents have begun to attach a lot of importance to pet travel. Whether they travel with their pets for business or pleasure, parents want their pets to have an extremely comfortable and joy-filled trip. Such is their love for pets that they carefully plan every aspect of the pet vacation – from the location and transportation, to accommodation and entertainment – so it includes everything that will make their darling pets ‘woof’ with undiluted happiness!

Of late, Yercaud has captured the fancy of many pet parents who treat their pets like family. Here are some of the reasons why!

Proximity to Cities in Tamil Nadu: The Closer the Merrier!

Where Yercaud scores is in its proximity to key cities of Tamil Nadu – eg., Salem, Chennai, Trichy, Erode etc. While it takes you less than an hour to reach Yercaud from Salem by road, you need not spend more than 7 hours (maximum) to get to Yercaud from any of the other cities. Also, since Salem is well-connected to other cities in the state by rail, road, and air, you and your fur buddies can merrily choose the mode of transport that suits you best to get to Yercaud. In that sense, Yercaud is a boon to pet parents in Tamil Nadu!

If you and your furball are big time roadies, then a road trip to Yercaud may just be what you need to flag off your pet vacation! From Chennai particularly, the highway leading to Salem is silken smooth, making the drive thoroughly enjoyable for you and your pawsome bestie. Pets may not even demand too many pit stops from you through this ‘jerk-free’ journey. Besides the highway drive, the uphill drive through the Ghats (hills), from Salem to Yercaud, is also immensely pleasurable

Petcation Advise: Roll down your car windows and let your pet breathe in the fresh mountain air as you drive up to Yercaud. No amount of money can buy the utter bliss your pets will experience, while the mountain winds gently caress their mane! However, make sure that your pets are trained not to jump out of the window while romancing the winds. Alternatively, use a pet-friendly seat belt so that your pets are leashed and safe throughout the journey. Read our blog on pet travel safety tips before you head out.

Moreover, since travelling to Yercaud takes less time, this hill station is perfect for a short pet vacation – say, for a weekend – from anywhere in Tamil Nadu. Less travel time means you and your fur buddies have more time to spend with each other in Yercaud, exploring new places and creating beautiful new memories together.

Welcoming Weather: Perfect For Furry And Non-Furry Travellers

Chilly winters and pleasant summers characterize the weather dynamics of Yercaud. Compared to the wickedly cold winters and the oppressive summers of the North, the less volatile climactic graph of Yercaud is easier to navigate and embrace. This is why, Yercaud is best for pet vacations both in summer and winter. The balmy weather conditions lend comfort to pets across all seasons. Similarly, this hill station is suitable for pet vacations of all breeds of dogs – both the furry and non-furry ones.

Pawsome Hospitality:  Pets are Welcome!

Yercaud abounds in hotels and resorts that offer pet-friendly accommodation. From luxury cottages to budget home stays, a wide variety of options are available for you to choose from, so your fur buddies can have a comfortable stay during their pet vacation. The resorts located at the heart of the hill town allow you quick and easy access to the hottest tourist attractions. If you and your pet like to be in the thick of things and prefer to be surrounded by people, then such resorts would be ideal for your pet vacation. Some resorts are in remote locations, but they make up for the distance by offering breath taking views of the mountain range and a chance to be closer to nature. If your pet’s a nature lover, then you should choose these remote resorts for your pet vacation.

Nature’s Bounty: ‘Paw’rests of Happiness!

Whether you are in Yercaud or are driving to or from it, do pause for a fulfilling nature stroll with your pet. Flanked by forests on either side, such walks are sure to refresh and rejuvenate you, and enthral your pets during the pet vacation. Yercaud offers many opportunities and scenic pathways that will compel you to go on these walks and marvel at the miracle that is nature!  Pets particularly will have a field day on these walks, as they will be treated to sights, sounds, and smells unfamiliar to them. Even a leash cannot hold them back from chasing chirping birds and buzzing bees, and satiating their undying curiosity.

Family Time: Have Fun With Whole Family

Pet vacations these days are no longer about pets alone, but a welcome break from the routine for the entire family. Pet parents therefore are seeking out destinations where the family as a whole, including the pets, can enjoy. Yercaud is fast emerging as one such destination. This hill station caters to the needs of all its visitors, whether they are kids, adults, or pets. The new Sky park in Yercaud with its exotic collection of birds is a must-visit for kids and adults alike.

Boating on the lake and playing in the park are sources of unadulterated joy for kids. Adults and pets can take laid back strolls on the roads lining the lake, or chill at the chic, road-side cafes that have set up shop here. Adventure junkies will be spoilt for choice here with many establishments offering a variety of adventure sports that can give them that much-needed adrenaline rush. The temples here will satiate the spiritual leanings of the elders in the family. The tranquil waterfalls that surround Yercaud are a sight to behold and will have the entire family in raptures.

From being easily accessible to hosting attractions and accommodation that appeal to both people and pets, Yercaud boasts of every quality required of an ideal pet vacation destination. But, all destinations may not be suitable for a pet vacation at all times. This is why, when making pet travel plans, it is important that you choose the destination right. The choice you make will actually determine the quality of your pet vacation. To help pet parents pick the destination prudently, here are a few tips.

How to Choose the Right Destination for Pet Vacations?

Given below are some pointers to choosing the best destination for your pet vacation:

Vacation Duration

How long you wish to holiday with your pets influences where you want to holiday. If you want to go on a short trip with your fur buddy, then choose a pet-friendly destination closest to you. More so if you or your pet is not a travel buff. This way, you can make sure that your journey to the destination and back does not hog the pet vacation time.  Keeping the journey short also eliminates the need for making too many pit stops enroute, so your pet can release pent up energy. This again is a time saver. If you have more time at your disposal, then a longer pet vacation can be planned.

Hassle-free Journey

Most pet parents often prefer road trips over rail and air travel. The key argument against pet travel via train or plane is the paper work involved in the same. Obtaining the required documents, filling out the necessary forms, and getting them approved by relevant authorities is a tiresome rigmarole. As opposed to this, you require little-to-no pet-specific documentation for embarking on a joyful road trip with your pet within India. Therefore, unless you have the energy and bandwidth for doing the paper work, target destinations that you can reach by road. This way, you can be assured of a hassle-free, memorable pet vacation.

However, if your pet suffers from motion sickness during road trips, its best to avoid travelling by road with your fur buddy. Pay attention to your pet’s travel needs and prioritize your pet’s comfort and health over all else, when choosing the destination for your pet vacation. Because, an unhappy pet makes for an unhappy parent and a forgettable pet vacation!

Availability of Pet-friendly Accommodation and Services

Always opt for destinations that offer adequate pet-friendly accommodation options. Without a proper place to stay with your pet, your dream pet vacation can soon turn into a nightmare! Assign additional brownie points to those destinations where pet boarders and pet walkers are easily available. Utilizing their services can help you find some ME time in-between pet play time and pet walks.

When choosing a pet-friendly resort/hotel to stay, strike the right balance between cost and your pet’s comfort. Also, it is unwise to choose a resort based purely on Google reviews or photographs published on the internet. Its smart to do your due diligence. Make repeated enquiries, glean information from reliable sources, or even make personal visits to confirm that what you see is indeed what you get. Check out Petcation’s web site for a list of hotels/resorts that are truly pet-friendly.

Almost always opt for resorts that nurture friendly canines within. Such resorts provide ample opportunities for your pet to socialize with other dogs. Socialization helps dogs adapt and respond to different social situations in a positive manner. It is also good for their physical and emotional health. Do look up our blog on this subject to know why to socialize dogs.

Fun Times for Pets and YOU

Select destinations that offer something exciting for your entire family – be it your elderly parents, pets, or children. Pet vacations are where families come together as a whole, bond deeply, and form more honest connections with each other and with the pets. So, if a few members of a family feel left out during a vacation, it will deflate the spirits of the rest. To avoid this, do your homework well beforehand. Research extensively on what the place has to offer for each member of the family, and plan your pet travel itinerary accordingly. By and large, try and include activities that the family as a whole can enjoy. That way there will be no complaints later.

Easy Access to Pet Supplies

Sometimes, even best laid pet travel plans can go in vain! Emergency situations can arise out of nowhere when on a pet vacation, putting you and your pets in a sticky spot. You may run out of pet food, may lose a pet collar, or may urgently need to see a vet as your pet suddenly got sick. Being in a destination where such pet supplies and services are readily available can take a load off your shoulders during stressful circumstances.

Pet vacations give you the time and space to strengthen your bond with your pet, and to build meaningful relationships with other family members. A good destination will empower you to reach that goal post with ease! So, consider the factors discussed above, and choose your destination wisely. Happy vacationing!

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