Train travel with Dodo


I am Anisha and here is my experience of a train travel that we recently did with our 2 years old golden retriever DODO. Though it was a long journey from Howrah to Bangalore in Duronto Express but ‌it was an experience to remember. 

 Since it was the first train journey of Dodo, he was scared and with Duronto having only 3 stoppages of 10 minutes each, getting him to poop and pee was a challenge. So here are a few things listed to keep in mind while taking a train journey with your pets.

Do these things:

  • If you have access to any nearby railway station take your pet to the railway station before journey for 7 to 15 days. Try to get him use to the sounds of the train and people
  • Carry your pet’s vaccination book and fit to travel certificate.
  • Carry water to give him frequently
  • Carry newspaper, pee sheet, room freshener. The IRCTC cleaning staff do clean but carrying your own thing is good
  • Carry wet wipes (dog wipes), towel for paws and mouth cleaning
  • Carry dry food. If your pets don’t prefer dry food, carry wet food
  • Carry his  or her favourite toy and chewing stick
  • Carry food and water bowl separate
  • After board the train keep water bowl on the train floor.
  • Carry brush for fur cleaning because of anxiety they will shed more.
  • Carry emergency medicine for stomach, digestion, loss motion, vomiting etc.
  • Carry bed sheet if he or she  comfortable on floor then you can use it. 

Don’t do these things:

  • Don’t shout or scream on him or her for being scared
  • If they bark don’t forcefully stop him or her. Give them time to settle down
  • Don’t give too much food during the journey
  • Don’t give heavy food  before your journey

 Always remember you have to comfort them during the journey and assure them that you are always there for them. They are not humans, they need your support.


Written By: Anisha Roy Choudhuri.

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