Pawsome Adventures: Top 10 Pet-Friendly Countries for an Exciting Vacation

pet friendly countries for vacation

As a pet parent, there’s nothing quite like exploring the world with your furry companion by your side. Travelling with your pet can be an enriching and rewarding experience for both you and your four-legged friend, whether you’re going on a weekend trip or an extended adventure. Travelling with your furry friend to pet-friendly countries can make your trip a memorable one for your pet and you.

The bond formed between a pet parent and their pet is very special. When travelling, this connection becomes stronger. More importantly, when travelling to pet friendly countries, you can share new experiences and create memories that will last a lifetime. There’s something magical about experiencing new adventures with your furry companion by your side, whether it’s hiking through scenic landscapes or exploring new cities and towns.

Having their furry friend with them while travelling can be a source of comfort and a way to reduce stress for many pet owners, especially in unfamiliar or stressful environments. Having your pet nearby when visiting pet friendly countries can therefore help to alleviate anxiety and make unfamiliar surroundings feel more familiar and safe.

However, before making international vacation plans with your pets, it is important to choose your destination wisely. Picking a pet friendly country means that it will be that much more easier for you to find carriers, hotels, and restaurants in that country that are sensitized to a pet’s physical and psychological needs.

Here are the top ten pet-friendly countries for an unforgettable trip with your pet:

  • Switzerland: Switzerland is known for its dog-friendly culture, and it has many dog-friendly hotels as well as outdoor activities like hiking and skiing. Dogs are also permitted on public transportation and in a number of restaurants.
  • Germany: Germany is another pet-friendly country, with many restaurants and cafes welcoming dogs. There are also numerous dog-friendly hotels and parks in the area. The Black Forest region is a popular pet friendly destination.
  • The United States: The United States is a large pet-friendly country with numerous pet-friendly hotels, restaurants, and outdoor activities. Pets are welcome at many national parks and beaches, and some cities, such as Portland, Oregon, are especially dog-friendly.
  • Canada: With many pet-friendly hotels and outdoor activities such as hiking and skiing, Canada is an excellent choice for pet travellers. Banff National Park is a popular pet friendly destination.
  • Italy: Italy is a pet-friendly country, with many hotels and restaurants welcoming dogs. There are also numerous dog-friendly beaches and parks in the area. The Tuscany region is a popular pet friendly destination. Another point to consider is that Italy has approximately 29.5% of pet friendly accommodations throughout the country.
  • France: Another pet-friendly country, France has many hotels and restaurants that accept pets. The French Riviera is a popular pet friendly vacation destination.
  • The United Kingdom: The United Kingdom is a pet friendly destination with many dog-friendly hotels and attractions, including the Lake District and the Scottish Highlands. Dogs are permitted on public transportation as well.
  • Sweden: Sweden is a dog friendly country with numerous dog friendly hotels and parks. Stockholm is a particularly pet-friendly city.
  • Australia: With many dog friendly hotels and outdoor activities such as hiking and beach trips, Australia is a great destination for pet travellers. Melbourne is a particularly pet-friendly city.
  • Japan: Japan is a pet-friendly country with numerous dog friendly hotels and restaurants. Tokyo is especially pet friendly, with numerous dog parks and pet friendly cafes.

For a variety of reasons, including their culture, laws, and attitudes towards pets, the ones listed above are considered pet friendly countries. Here are some of those reasons:

  • Laws and regulations: Pets are allowed to travel, stay in hotels, and visit public places in these countries, thanks to laws and regulations. Many of these countries, for example, allow pets on public transportation, and some have designated pet-friendly areas in parks and on beaches.
  • Pet-friendly lodging: These countries offer a variety of pet-friendly lodging options, including hotels, vacation rentals, and campsites. Many of these establishments provide amenities such as pet beds, treats, and toys.
  • Outdoor activities: These countries offer a variety of outdoor activities that are suitable for pets, such as hiking, swimming, and skiing. This enables pets to participate in the same activities as their owners.
  • Culture: Many of these countries have a culture that values pets and considers them to be members of the family. This means that pets are generally welcomed and respected.

It is important to note, however, that travelling with your pet to pet-friendly countries can be difficult and requires careful planning. Different countries have different rules and regulations regarding the transport of pets, including vaccination and quarantine requirements. It is critical to research the rules and regulations of your destination country ahead of time and to ensure that your pet has all necessary vaccinations and documentation. Having a checklist before you travel with your pet can come in handy and will help make your trip an easier one. Whether you’re a seasoned pet traveller or a first-time flyer,  it is imperative that you make the best decisions for your pet’s safety and comfort. So, why not tap into the collective wisdom of Petcation and embark on a journey with the assurance that you’re well-prepared for whatever comes your way?

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