The Benefits of Travelling with Pets

travelling with pets

It is said that if you get bitten by the travel bug once, you become a travel junkie forever! Travelling is one of the most popular hobbies around the world. For some, it’s a passion. Lately, people have started travelling with pets all around the world. However, this positive change came about only in the last decade. Before that, pet parents chose to travel without their pets. This was primarily because the travel industry was not ‘woke’ enough to having pets as passengers (on trains/planes)
or as guests in hotels. Secondly, it was because the pet parents themselves were not keen to take their pets along when they travel. This disinterest can be owing to many reasons. Caring for a pet is after all the same as caring for an infant. Many pet parents felt that travelling with pets was annoying at times, stressful at other times, and overall, exhausting. But this could not be further from the truth! Studies have revealed that travelling with pets can do pet parents a whole lot of good than harm. From being enjoyable and healthy to being a stress-buster, there are many benefits to travelling with pets! Here are a few:

You enjoy a better vacation

When you travel with friends or family, the focus is always on having FUN! And the definition of fun is to go everywhere, and to do everything together! A fully-packed itinerary with tens of places to visit is one of the key ingredients of a FUN vacation. The choice of destination generally aligns with this principle of FUN. In other words, the destination will more often be a place where a lot of fun activities and outings can be planned. In comparison, travelling with pets will be more relaxed and laid back. The difference starts with the choice of destination. Pet parents are motivated to choose destinations that afford the luxury of space – wide open space. Resorts overlooking sandy beaches or nestled within acres of greenery are often sought after highly. Such places give pets and parents a lot of play area and lovely walking trails. Though pets love the great outdoors, they do not like to
stay out all the time. Pets will be just as happy catching a relaxed siesta in the shade of a tree or in the comfort of a cozy bed. The activities in pet vacations hence need to be evenly spaced out, so that pets have enough breaks for rest and food in-between. This way, pet parents can also take out some ME time, and do things that they like. They can go for solitary walks, take in their natural surroundings, do yoga, or meditate. When travelling with pets therefore, a more wholesome vacation experience awaits pet parents!

You develop better travel etiquette

Going on long road trips with friends is a joyful experience for many. But, with the wrong company, this dream of a trip can soon become a nightmare! When egged on by co-passengers, many folks tend to over-speed, drink and drive, and even engage in reckless races, much to their detriment and that of their co-passengers. Travelling with pets by road on the other hand can be quiet the opposite. Firstly, it instills in pet parents a sense of responsibility. Where pets are co-passengers, their safety becomes
the pet parents’ top priority. So automatically, they exercise caution when driving. They stick to prescribed speed limits. They choose not to defy the driving laws of the land. They stay on their lane and do not overtake. They refrain from engaging in irresponsible acts such as consuming alcoholic beverages when driving, or racing. Also, most importantly, pet parents pay attention to what their own body needs when travelling by road with pets. Many times, people tend to get so caught up in the excitement of a long road trip, that they keep driving for long hours without a break. This can have ill effects on their health. But when pets are on board, parents are forced to make frequent pit stops, as pets need to go on pee-breaks time and again. This will allow the drivers to stretch their legs a bit and relax their tense, uptight muscles. Medically, this break is good for the
human heart, as it improves blood circulation. These stops also relax the pet parents mentally, and help them to refocus their energies into the drive that lies ahead.

Your physical and mental health improves

Pet parents will know that pets are not stress-inducers, but are stress-busters. Travelling, as fun as it can be, can also be the source of tremendous stress and anxiety. But in pets, pet parents have their own, personal anxiety medication. Travelling with pets soothes the nerves of parents. Play time with pets during vacations is a great anti-dote for stress. Moreover, pets, unlike people, are so easy to please, that it lifts the pressure off parents to plan perfect vacations. All pets need is their parents’ time, loving care, and attention. The unconditional love from pets also help boost parents’ self-worth, lifts their moods and
morale, and helps them forget their worries and enjoy their vacation fully. Travelling with pets also helps pet parents stay fit. This is because, when travelling with pets, pet parents need to ensure that pets receive adequate physical exercise. Enough time
should be set aside during vacations for playing with pets and for taking them on leisurely morning and evening strolls. In the process, parents also receive a fair amount of exercise. This improves heart beat rate and the overall pumping capacity of the heart. It strengthens muscles around the heart and in the limbs, improves metabolism, and helps pet parents lead
fuller, healthier lives.

Your social horizons expand

Pets make great dinner time conversations! When travelling with pets, many pet parents find it easy to break the ice with complete strangers and make friends for life. Pets are basically people magnets! They are so cute that they instantly draw people towards them. More so if many pet parents travel together with their pets. In this case, one just does not find new friends, but an extended family even. Not only does one get to meet interesting people this way, but also people who genuinely care for pets and are heavily invested in their well-being. Pet parents get to know so much more about nurturing their pets in such communions. It is very good for pet parents, who are extroverts, to travel with their pets, as this will help them open up more and improve their social skills. Why just parents? Even pets are gifted with the opportunity to socialize with more of their ilk in such congregations. This helps improve mental health of pets and rids them off any behavioral issues. To learn more
about the positive effects of socialization on pets, look up our blog on the subject.

In summary, travelling with pets is a blessing for pet parents. It has a positive impact on them both physically and psychologically. Going forward there will be more opportunities for pet parents to travel with pets, as the travel, tourism, and hospitality industries are finally being very welcoming of pets. In fact, the Petcation portal provides a city-wise list of pet-friendly hotels and restaurants in India, for the benefit of pet parents. This portal and its social media engagements also periodically
publish blogs providing tips on how to travel with pets. This way, the next time a travel plan is drawn with pets, pet parents will know where to go, what to do, and what not to do, to make the experience more memorable for themselves and their pets. Happy travelling all!

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