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Summer is here, and the temperature is rising. Bangalore, which is normally comfortable in the summer, is not immune to the heat. Families are planning destinations to visit during the summer vacation while their children are enjoying their break from school. However, for families with a four-legged, furry child, vacation planning has always been difficult due to the limited options. Many people do not choose to leave their pets at a boarding facility during the hot summer months. However, due to the increased demand from consumers looking for pet-friendly vacation spots, several businesses have ventured into this space.

Backyard camp is one such location. Only a  two hours drive from centre of Bangalore can take you to one of the best kept secrets of the city, a paradise for all animal lovers, pet parents and anyone who loves nature in its rustic form.

The camp is Kaushik Bajibab’s dream project – founder, Wishbone, ( and Wishbone School. Gana Kedlaya, his accomplice, is a freelance environment and travel journalist. They have worked tirelessly for over ten years to build a farm rich in flora and fauna. It’s an area where the trees serve to support a diverse range of wildlife, small mammals, and insects in an unpolluted environment Their sole purpose was to create a space which will allow people to experience nature and the outdoors in its simplest form.

“We want people to experience the slow life… and of course, a pet-friendly place where dogs can actually get enough space. We know this because of our dogs always took on their real persona when outdoors.” – Kaushik Bajibab

The pets have a special place at The Backyard Camp. They have the status of an influencer and are treated as such. They are unquestionably preferable to two-legged social media influencers. Pets are free to roam the two acres of farmland without a leash. The presence of a wonderful lake nearby, where pets can swim, is the frosting on the cake.

The only thing The Backyard Camp asks of pet parents is that they be honest about their dog’s temperament. This is solely to prevent confrontations between dogs and, in certain cases, between dogs and people. In fact, you can always phone the camp to inquire about the number of pets expected and schedule your vacation accordingly. If you or your pet feels nervous around other people, double-check the number of visitors before making a reservation. Also, bring your pet’s food with you, and they will gladly reheat or refrigerate it.

In terms of food, The Backyard Camp delivers delectable home-cooked meals that you can eat to your heart’s delight. While breakfast is always a mix of south Indian and English, lunch is a complete meal with a dessert, followed by snacks and soup in the evening. All you got to do is eat, sleep, and repeat with a different menu for dinner.

But while you are partying and having fun at The Backyard Camp, remember your moral obligation towards nature and all its inhabitants. Do not discard dry waste, bottles, cigarette butts or chewing gums at the farm – its very difficult to cleanup once its lost amidst the undergrowth and is harmful for animals. Very often there are birds roosting on the farm, and giving them their peace and space by not getting closer, or taking pictures of their nests will be much appreciated. It is also a place when you can hear the lovely chirping of the birds and the crickets’ calling. Why would you want to trade all that for the sound of a loudspeaker?

Location: Bajibab Farm, road, Nayakanahalli, Karnataka 562126

Food for pets: Need to carry your own food for pets. The Camp will heat/refrigerate it. Stay for pets: Open space, Under the blue sky, In the tent, anywhere they are comfortable. Must Do activities: Hike around, let your pets swim in the lake.

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