Super Natural: A Six-Part Series By James Cameron


The word ‘Supernatural’ has always been associated with an ‘out of the world’, ‘infinite’ experience. James Cameron has strived to bust the myth surrounding that term via his ‘finite’ series Super/Natural. 

Nature encompasses many inexplicable phenomenon. Wildlife, for instance, poses many puzzles that science and human intellect cannot solve. But they often pass off as ‘natural’. This series turns the spotlight on those ‘wild’ qualities that ‘nature’ gifted to animals, but are so beyond human imagination that they have every right to be called ‘Super/natural’.

With this new wildlife documentary series, viewers can get up, close with extraordinary animal behaviour. Cameron, who is a firm environmentalist, sees Super/Natural as a worthy prelude to his soon-to-be-released Avatar: The Way of Water. Much like Avatar, Super/Natural too takes inspiration from the wonders of the natural world.

James Cameron stated that he is neither making a superhero movie, nor faking it. He is convinced that the movie and the series will allow viewers to access the ‘intelligence’ that nature has built into flora and fauna. The series treats the audience to breathtaking visuals of everything from flying fish to fireflies.

You will be in awe of nature and all that it is capable of after witnessing flying squirrels, hearing the screech that owls make to fend off predators, and hearing the story of dolphins assisting fishers.

State-of-the art technology such as drones and high-speed cameras have been employed to capture snapshots of animals from 25 different countries. Infrared, ultrasonic, ultraviolet wavelengths have apparently been used to deliver this surreal experience to viewers.

Vide the series, James Cameron aspires to educate users of the beauty and intricacies of nature, so they learn to appreciate its magic and mystique more.

Super/Natural allows us to imagine what bat sonar would look like, what a bumblebee senses, or how bears interact using hidden cues.

To add to the allure of the series, Benedict Cumberbatch has stepped in as the narrator. His diction, wit, and charm are sure to keep viewers engaged.

It’s mind-boggling how great nature is, how we take it for granted, and how nature has evolved all these various incredible methods for these plants and animals over millions of years.”, says James Cameron. How true! Science has spent a decade trying to comprehend nature and all that it holds dear. Yet…it has only managed to brush the tip of this ice berg! The human race needs to wake up and start to respect its natural resources. It must start to nurture, nourish, and care for this beautiful world that has been bestowed upon it. For that, human beings need to understand and be amazed by nature’s bounties. This series will do just that….make you go ‘WOW’ about nature! J

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  1. Awesome series breathtaking videography. Must watch for all nature lovers. If you think you know Nature, think again…

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