Snoopy Paws Café – A Family Affair!

Snoopy Paws

As soon as you walk through the door of the Snoopy Paws café, you will be greeted warmly by its rustic appearance and atmosphere, as well as the sound of dogs barking while they get ready to lick you all over. This lovely cafe was established by a family that has over 30 dogs, some of which are adopted and others of which are rescued.

The Snoopy Paws Café was established with the goal of providing pet owners with a warm and inviting setting in which they may take their animals for lunch or dinner while also enjoying quality time together as a family. After all, pets are a member of the family, therefore there is no reason they should be excluded from any family activities. For those who have a soft spot in their hearts for animals but don’t have any of their own, the in-house dogs at the Snoopy Paws Café are more than happy to accept hugs and belly rubs. They simply adore having their bellies rubbed.

Because the Snoopy Paws café is surrounded by trees and has a huge open space with plush green grass, it offers dogs a wide open space where they are free to run around and play to their hearts’ delight without being restricted in any way. And when they are feeling exhausted, they can enjoy a delicious chicken dish. Even though the time we get to spend with our pets should be treasured forever, those who want to create some special memories might celebrate their pet’s birthday in this café.

Evenings are especially enjoyable in the Snoopy Paws cafe thanks to the refreshing breeze that washes away the weariness of the day and the lovely ambient lighting that absolutely lifts the mood. Pair it with some amazing continental or Asian food and some cool beverage, and you have yourself and evening to remember.

Snoopy Paws Café is specially designed keeping in mind the activities of pets. In addition, the restaurant intends to construct a swimming pool and a facility for grooming pets in the not too distant future. Will that not be incredible?

Location: Hennur Main Rd, Bengaluru

For Pets: Leash-free area, Special chicken meal. Must try: Pizzas, Desserts.

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