The much-awaited Petcation’s Annual Pet Photo Fest opened to a thunderous response on August 14th, 2022 @ Drizzle By The Beach, Palavakkam – one of Chennai’s finest ‘pet-friendly’ resto-bars and the Photo Fest’s hospitality partner! Fun and fur were on full flow that day, as eager pet parents and excited pets travelled  from different parts of Chennai to take part in this unique social event.

The primary aim of the Photo Fest was to provide pets with an ‘inclusive’ platform where they can freely and fearlessly meet and mingle with each other, regardless of their age or lineage. It also strived to bring pet parents together under a single roof, so they can hobnob, compare pet notes, spend quality time with their pets, and thus contribute towards building a strong and close-knit community of pet enthusiasts in Chennai. The fest also sought to educate pet parents about the need for Pet insurance, and how it can help save their furball’s life. The good news is that the Photo Fest achieved every thing it set out to do!

The Photo Fest created a ‘safe space’ for pets of every age, size, breed, and temperament to gather, and be themselves with each other! We saw a stylish dudette stroll in with her dancing shoes on, and an alpha male being all macho!  We saw a free spirit roaming around without a care in the world, while another tried hard to grab his attention. A barking duel was on between two boys, probably to score some brownie points with a gorgeous gal. The event was a ‘coming out’ party for the angelic Indies; so, they were understandably guarded, but fiesty! The retrievers were sweetness personified, the pugs had swag, the cocker spaniels were a cuteness overload, the beagles had that princely charm, and the huskies were effortlessly handsome! With so much beauty around, it was only natural that private photo sessions began well before the celebrity guest arrived! The excitement reached a feverish pitch when the celebrity guest for the event – Ms. Reshma Pasupaleti – made a grand entrance. Being a pet parent herself, Reshma realized as soon as she stepped in that the real celebrities of the event were the pets themselves! So, she very graciously allowed every pet to hog the limelight, while she gracefully stood by their side. Loads of respect, love, hugs, and kisses go out to Reshma for taking the time to attend the event and for being such a sport!

Sunday was also ‘spa’ day for a few pets at the event. PawsBay – the Mobile Pet Grooming Service Provider and our Grooming Partner – was seen offering on-demand grooming services to some pets from their state-of-the-art grooming van parked outside Drizzle.

While the pets were busy getting a make-over or making new friends, the parents were busy checking out the stalls at the Event! Many parents thronged Annette’s stall to pick up pretty accessories for their pets. The fact that the proceeds from the stall went into funding pet rescue operations was another reason why parents made a beeline for it. Kids who were at the event had a ball getting their palms and their pet’s paws printed at the colorful Paw Printing counter. Pet lovers were also seen swarming the pet adoption counter and checking out the details of pets that are up for adoption, in the hope that they can take one home soon. Holistee’s health food counter found favor with pet parents who are also fitness buffs. Their uniquely-flavored breakfast cereals and granolas filled with the goodness of mother nature, and their decadent brownies were a huge hit with the parents.  


Free Pet Insurance was another big draw at the event! Conscientious pet parents dutifully registered themselves at the Toffee insurance counter, as they realized that insurance can have a significant and positive impact on their pets’ lives!

The sporty cycles from Annanagar cycles and the classy cars from Benz and Volkswagen, parked as part of the event, also generated a lot of buzz. 

As the day progressed and more pets and parents rolled in, folks at Drizzle were seen frantically handing out water bottles and whipping up mock tails for the thirsty guests, thus helping them beat the heat and keep their cool.

We at Petcation take this opportunity to thank all of our sponsors, partners, and our furry- and non-furry friends for helping us put up such a massive, hugely successful show!

Surprisingly, the long day did not leave us exhausted, but energized. We did not feel drained, but delighted that our efforts have borne fruit. The Photo Fest and the support it received from all quarters – humans and animals alike – was a shot in the arm for us at Petcation. It has motivated us to aim higher and to aspire for a world, where pets are welcome everywhere!