Pet Travel Tips for Monsoon


Pet travel can be a lot of fun, especially in the monsoon! There’s a sense of freshness and rejuvenation in the air. Nature goes through its seasonal rebirth and it seems like the best time to go out and have some fun in the wild with your pet. But pet travel requires lots of pre-planning, even more so if you plan on doing it in the rainy season. Monsoon brings its own fair share of challenges, whether you’re taking a trip by road or any other mode of transport. Its important to make sure your pets are happy, safe and comfortable during the journey so that everyone can enjoy the trip. Read on to learn some pet travel tips for a stress-free vacation during the monsoon season.

1. Prepare Well in Advance

Before you start your journey, do some research and form a pet travel kit for your furry baby. It should contain essentials like their food, treats, water bowl, toys, waste bags, medication and a first aid kit. This helps ensure that you have everything you might need in case of an emergency or any unexpected situation that may arise.

2. Safety Needs

While using crates or carriers aren’t necessary for big dogs, it is essential for smaller pets, especially if you’re travelling in unpredictable weather conditions. Using a proper restraining belt/safety harness prevents distractions. It also  protects pets from injuries caused by a jerky ride – a by product of bad roads during the monsoons . Many pets, out of sheer excitement, may even attempt to jump out of the car window! By attaching the harness to the car’s seat belt, you can discourage such behaviour and also prevent your dog from getting choked by the harness.

3. Staying Hydrated

Making sure that the body has enough water is as vital to pets as it is to us humans. Humidity levels are high during the monsoon season. So, make sure to carry ample clean water and a portable water bowl for them. Offer them water at every stop you make to ensure that they don’t get dehydrated. Wipe their mouths with a cloth or towel to prevent drooling onto the seats.

4. Pit Stops

Plan your trip such that you can make frequent stops. The moisture in the air during the monsoons, and the increased level of water consumption by your pet can cause them to want to urinate often. So, its important to let your pet out (especially if its a dog) to take leaks and stretch over the course of a long journey. Being holed up in the car or seat for long isn’t fun for anybody. Stopping frequently will help you and your pet destress often, while navigating the traffic congestions and diversions that are inevitable during monsoons.

5. Comfortable Space

Pet travel can cause your furry baby to feel anxious or uncomfortable. Whether it be home-sickness or motion-sickness, you need to ensure that your pets are comfortable during the journey. Taking items with a familiar scent –  like a blanket, a soft toy, a baby bed etc. –  can help calm your pets and make the experience of travelling cozy and comfortable for them.

6. Groomed before Travel

Monsoon makes the weather damp and humid. These weather conditions can affect the fur / skin of your pets. This is why, it is important to make sure that your pets are well groomed before you start your journey. Trim their fur, so it does not get damp, matted, and unmanageable due to increased exposure to the monsoon air. Clip their nails short so that they do not hurt anyone or scratch the car seats.

Make sure you carry a dry towel with u always, so you can wipe out excess water from your pet’s body, if they get drenched in the rain. It would be good practice to include a hair dryer in your pet’s travel kit, as it may come in handy when travelling with your pets in the rainy season. Monsoons are also tick-magnets! To protect your pet from tick infestations and related diseases, its important that you carry a tick repellent with you during your pet travel expeditions.  

Consult with the vet before you leave to make sure your pets are in optimal health to travel and up to date on their vaccinations and other medical requirements.

7. Frequently Check on the Weather Conditions

Before traveling and even enroute, make sure to check the weather forecast often. Stay updated on road conditions to know which paths to avoid due to flooding or water logging. Avoid taking shortcuts if they are dangerous, as it’s more important that you and your pets are safe than early. If the weather does get too harsh, pull over and wait until it gets better to resume your journey.

8. Learn some Pet Calming Techniques

With monsoon comes loud thunderstorms and rain than can cause a lot of aural discomfort to your pets, and will exponentially increase their fear and anxiety. Blankets and toys with a familiar scent may help. Your nearness, your soft, soothing touch, and your reassuring voice can also calm them down when they are troubled. You can also use simple and effective methods such as pheromone sprays, soothing music, and anxiety wraps to help your pets feel safe and secure.

9. Identification

No matter how much we prepare, mishaps are bound to happen. In the unfortunate instance that you and your pet get separated, identification tags come in handy. Make your pet wear a metal tag on their collar with your details and that of your pet, so it’s easy for people to read. This way, if your pet gets lost and is found by someone else, they can contact you and reunite you and your pet.

10. Pet Friendly Accommodation

If you plan on a long vacation, make sure that you book for a stay at a pet friendly hotel. They should be suitable for your pets and offer them shelter from the rain. For any hotel you book, check for animal policies and restrictions prior to your arrival.

Petcation’s website will come in handy while at it! Our goal is to help you vacation like a champ with your furry best friend by your side. While there are tons of resources you could explore yourself, our blog post on pet friendly travel places can be a starter. The web site also lists the most sought-after pet-friendly resorts, restaurants and hotels in key cities across India. You may want to look up these listings before you make your bookings.

Pet travel can be extremely rewarding and fulfilling, creating an everlasting memory for you and your pet. Make sure to plan ahead, prepare for changing weather and put their safety and comfort first, to have a trip that you can cherish forever.

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