Pet friendly restaurants in pune

Pune saw a marked increase in its pet parent population in the last couple of years. The direct impact of this rise was felt by the hospitality industry in Pune. Restaurants and cafes in the city were now incentivised to embrace barks and woofs along with human voices. While many existing establishments started being more welcoming of pets, many new pet-friendly restaurants/cafes also set up shop here. Given below is a list of such pet-friendly hangouts in Pune:

Pet Friendly Toit Pune Restaurant

Toit Pune


Toit is a pet-friendly place, which welcomes animals and the people who care for them inside. Pet parents who walk into this café can sip a beverage and relax with their pet cats or dogs by their side. There is plenty of outdoor space so that your pet may breathe in the fresh air as you enjoy a refreshing beverage.


The Tipsy Duckling


In this pet-friendly place, pets are the focus of attention. The eatery, which is well-known for its unique meals and specialty beers, is quickly gaining popularity among pet parents. Their house-made Cocktails, Pizzas, Pandhra Rassa, Cheesecakes, and Hot Chocolate are on every food lover’s must-try list.

Pet-Friendly-The Daily-All-Day

The Daily All Day


This is a place that is exclusively for pets and pet parents. It is slowly becoming a favourite among pet parents, especially because of its social gatherings for dogs. Joe Ella’s Dog Care hosts regular pet meet-ups, so keep an eye on their social media accounts for details. Even though the all-day bar doesn’t have a specific pet menu, they create one on these playdates.


The French Window Patisserie


The friendly pet dog at this patisserie is its mascot, and lures many pets and pet parents to this place. Cat parents may need to exercise extra caution when bringing their cats here.  Dog parents on the other hand can walk in for a hearty breakfast here with their dogs.


Where Else Diner & Bar


This pet-friendly café features a pleasant ambience with a large seating area and a wide selection of food and drinks. What is more special about this café is that it boasts of a fancy pet menu, which includes Beef and Chicken Choostix. Interested pet parents  can place orders for real Chicken Carrot Sticks, High Protein Chicken bones, Beef Broth and Rice, and Chicken Broth and Rice.


Yogi Tree


This simple, stylish, pet-friendly Bistro is the perfect location for a brunch date with  furry pets. This expansive, calm cafe in Pune is a highly creative and joyful place for pets and pet parents. Pet parents have a vast menu to choose from. Pets can also unwind in the spacious area.


The Flour Works


This unique restaurant not only serves up delicious meals for pet parents, but also imbibes healthy eating habits in pets by offering them dry and wet food to suit their preferences, totally free of cost! For obvious reasons related to food safety and hygiene, pets are only permitted in the cafe’s exterior grounds. Sir Montgomery, the neighbourhood dog, is quite amiable and will make a terrific playmate for pets.


Terttulia Bistro


This pet-friendly Bistro  provides scrumptious and healthy meals at competitive prices. The lovely green seating area is perfect for a leisurely lunch with your dog. Pizza with BBQ Chicken, Veggie Burgers, Sangria, Karari Roti, and Chocolate Mud Cake are all must-tries!




Another popular pet-friendly cafe in Pune is Prem’s, which is known for its creative and mouthwatering food. This cosy restaurant serves Chinese, Continental, and North Indian cuisine as well as a variety of salads and fine drinks. Pet parents can bring their pets along for brunches or candlelight dates here, and make these occasions infinitely more memorable.


Raasta Cafe


This pet-friendly café is the best place for pets and pet parents to spend the weekend. Food options on the menu are endless and include Chinese, North Indian, and cafe-style fare.  Pets can socialise with each other, or simply spend quality time with their pet parents in the outside seating area.


Cafe Joshua


This pet-friendly cafe, which is named Joshua after the owner’s Labrador, offers tasty goodies just for your pets, such as Sugar-free Pastries, Hot dogs without spice, and even greens for veggie fans. Additionally, they store toys for pets, so they may play contentedly while their parents enjoy Pesto & White Pasta  at the café with a hot cup of coffee.


Butter Brews Bistro


This cosy,  neighbourhood, pet-friendly cafe delivers delicious, incredibly healthy food. The best thing about this cafe is that pet parents can savour the lip-smacking delicacies on the café’s menu, while giving their pet cats and dogs too some much-needed TLC. The cafe has a European feel about it, and the fairy lights make the setting even more lovely.


Country Roads Café


This sophisticated, pet-friendly café features a play area with many dog toys that will keep your pet dogs engaged and excited. The fact that the café is home to a friendly and adorable golden retriever is an added attraction, as now pet guests at the café have an affable play mate. So, at this café, pet parents can hang out with their pals, while pets hang out with theirs!


Elephant and Co.


This pet-friendly bar is run by a group of enthusiastic individuals hoping to give their guests the greatest night possible! The bar serves up a tantalising pub food menu with worldwide influences, unique ECO cocktails, and an exceptional wine list. As you sip and savour these delicacies, your pets too can chill by your side.