Experience the bustling metropolis of Mumbai while treating your furry companion at pet-friendly restaurants. From seaside cafes overlooking the Arabian Sea to trendy eateries in the heart of the city, Mumbai offers a range of culinary delights for pet parents. Indulge in lip-smacking street food, authentic regional cuisines, and international flavours while your four-legged friend enjoys the pet-friendly ambience. Mumbai’s vibrant food scene combined with its pet-friendly establishments ensures a delightful dining experience for both humans and their beloved pets.


Leaping Windows


A sweet place filled of waffles, books, and comics is called Leaping Windows. The location is adorable because it’s great for brunching or hanging out with friends in addition to serving wonderful coffee. However, the main reason  is that it gives the chance to spend time with our dogs. Anyone is welcome to bring their pets along in the area outside the cafe.

Pet Friendly Doolally Taproom Mumbai

Doolally Taproom


Doolally – One of the first locations to adopt a pet-friendly ambiance was the taproom, which is found in many cities. Yes, Doolally is quite pet-friendly. If you’re lucky, you might even discover a puppy playing with its parents or, at the very least, one dog hanging out there at any one moment. Doolally in Andheri actually owns a pet cat. 


Pefe - The Pet Cafe


The pet cafe, which is close to Lokhandwala Circle, Pefe, is the prettiest location in Mumbai to take your dog! While you order some wonderful meal and enjoy a fun date with your dog, your pet can run around and have fun in the designated pet area. Additionally, there is a whole menu just for the dogs, so your pawsome baby will enjoy themselves just as much as you do. It’s wonderful that your dog will feel at home even when he or she is not there.


The Bagel Shop


Our go-to spot for a quick cup of cappuccino and some bagels to start the day is The Bagel Shop. The cafe offers a stylish atmosphere, yet your pets will have plenty of room to run about on the outdoor patio. You can spend hours there with your pets without any hassle because the staff is friendly.


Cat Cafe Studio


Cat Cafe Studio is a community run by artists who love animals and individuals who just come to see the wonderful art and the animals. It is the home to about 40 stray cats. This is the ideal location for you if you appreciate adoption drives, art exhibits, and just adore cats. Are you overly stressed? Simply go to the café cum studio and take pleasure in your meeting with a lovely cat. They have fewer dogs and more cats, so just pay a visit whether you like dogs or just cats or feel more comfortable sharing your home with these lovely animals.


Woodside Inn


The Woodside Inn in Oshiwara is quite pet-friendly, so if you’re interested in doing some therapy with your dog, you’ll have the most fun in the pub, where you can totally hang out and relax. It’s fantastic that you can pack a meal for your picky eater and simply unwind without worrying about what to feed your dog for lunch.


Revival Restaurant


There are several pet-friendly locations with fantastic munchies, but Revival Restaurant is one location worth taking your dog to because it serves the paw-somest thali. At Revival Restaurant, you may choose from a variety of delicious Indian dishes. If you enjoy treating yourself to great cuisine and you also enjoy feeding your pet, stop by and enjoy yourself!


The Little Door


If you want to go on a date with your dog, don’t think the Little Door is a small spot since it will completely inspire you and enable you to have the best experience of your life. It’s a beautiful place to unwind, especially if you want to give your pet a lot of attention.


Out of the Blue


The magnificent outdoor space where you can relax with your dogs is the cherry on top of this gorgeous and lively cafe in Khar. Your doggo baby and you will love the meal, which will keep you going back for more.




This restaurant in South Mumbai welcomes pets and is situated by the pool. It is a little-known retreat inside the hotel. The room, which has a view of the pool, makes an effort to escape the hustle and bustle of the city with its relaxing greenery, ocean-blue furnishings, and cosy reading corner. Herb House offers something for every mood, being both decadent and also light and fresh.


Deli By The Blue


Deli by the Blue is not just a city favourite among locals, but it’s also a spot where you can spend the day having fun with your dogs. You can eat in the restaurant with your canine buddy in the area designated for pets. Must-have items are their cold coffee, sugar-free chocolate nutty dessert, roasted peppers and cream cheese quiche, pepperoni pizza, and vegan cheese dip. A menu designed especially for pets is available; it comprises dog chow, chicken, boiled rice, and mixed vegetables. Additionally, the eatery has pet-specific serving utensils.


The Village Shop


Another city cafe that allows you to bring your dogs, cats, or hamsters (if you like) to lunch in this charming cafe on Hill Road. They offer a beautiful outside space that is the best there is (and where pets are permitted). They have excellent tea selections, delicious hot chocolate, and vegan options. Additionally, if you ask specifically, they will provide you a bowl for your pet.


Lighthouse Cafe, Worli


Lighthouse is the best spot to go if you’re craving for mouthwatering, gooey deep-dish pizza. A perfect evening would include some really nice pizza, fantastic beverages, and music. And when your furry friend is nearby, the fun will definitely be multiplied. This cafe now accepts your group as well as your canine companions.


Madeira and Mime


Mumbai, India’s Madeira and Mime is a laid-back gastropub-style restaurant that offers a wide selection of mouthwatering fare. While you eat outside at one of their pet-friendly tables, Fido is welcome to join you. Daily hours for Madeira and Mime are 12 p.m. to 1 a.m.


Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters


One of Bandra’s well-liked coffee cafes is – Blue Tokai, which has sites in about seven distinct parts of Mumbai, and is well-liked throughout the city. You are welcome to enter at any moment with your dog, cats, or other best friend’s pet because they are wholly pet-friendly!


Once Upon A Dine


Once Upon a Dine is a charming café serving a delectable fusion of continental, Italian, and cafe food in Khar. Your best companion doesn’t have to wait for you at home because Once Upon a Dine welcomes pets and offers a keto cuisine!


Brew House Cafe


Think of English charm in abundance, wine, and dogs. This coffee shop has a tons to offer and doesn’t prevent you from enjoying a delicious cup while your dog is nearby.


Poco Loco Tapas and Bar


This restaurant in Khar is where Mexican meets Spanish. The setting is ideal for a night out with your friends. It is a chemistry-based bar and café where they serve experimentally made concoctions enthused by the Latin American culture. There is a wide range of veg and non-veg options as well. Oh, and did we mention that this is a pet-friendly restaurant?




Mumbai Has a Dog-Friendly Cafe and Community Space, right next to a Dog Park! Fetch was created to provide Mumbaikars with an amazing café and community space to enjoy alongside their four-legged friends. Whether you own a dog or just like being around them, Fetch is the place to be. No wonder they call it the happiest place in Mumbai.