Immerse yourself in the cultural capital of Kolkata, where pet-friendly restaurants beckon pet parents. Explore the city’s rich history and indulge in its culinary wonders while enjoying the company of your furry companion. From traditional Bengali delicacies to global cuisines, Kolkata’s pet-friendly eateries offer a diverse range of flavours. Whether you’re strolling through iconic neighbourhoods or exploring colonial architecture, don’t miss the chance to create lasting memories with your pet at the city’s warm and welcoming dining establishments.


The Green House


The Green House Café offers a novel experience to Kolkata’s expanding cafe scene. Enter a welcoming environment with mouthwatering food and a gaming area where you can relax and let your inner gamer go. We welcome canines here. so that even your cute, animal pals can take part in the enjoyment.


Throttle Shrottle


Throttle Shrottle, one of the best dog cafes in Kolkata, will undoubtedly surprise you. This biker’s cafe has a great, rustic outdoor ambiance. Your arrival is greeted by Piston, their Great Dane, after you cross a brief wooden bridge.  They have two cats, who occasionally emerge from hiding beneath the motorcycles. Additionally, you can’t get enough of the two white ducks that saunter around silently on their own. According to them, the cafe does actually have a pond in the middle, which enhances its charm.


Happy Place


The café on the first floor has a playpen. You can bring your dogs there and leave them to play with the other pet owners’ animals. You can find a sophisticated play for your feline buddies further within the well-lit area at these pet-friendly cafes in Kolkata. The space is brightened by the large windows that allow sunlight to pour in. The cats might be seen perching on one of the plush decks or darting in and out of the little wooden cottages.


Ubuntu Eat


With their new cloud kitchen and cafe model, which is simple to start up and accessible to anyone, Ubuntu, whose name means “I am because we are,” hopes to build a Kindelicious World. The model’s core is a plant-based diet that is fit for India’s culture.


Hugo & Finn


A cosy, aesthetically appealing cafe, named Hugo & Finn has come up in Kolkata’s Russel Street and it is pet friendly-too. At this cafe, you can have a paw-some time with your furry babies and they will definitely adore the bright, sunshiny interiors.


Square Foot Cafe


She’ll close her eyes during the stormy night of the night. She would fly during the stormy night of the night. Dream of paw-paw paradise as well. Bring your pets to this cafe since it welcomes them. Enjoy your meal, and let them enjoy theirs!


The Common Room


The atmosphere of this cafe, which is five minutes’ walk from Vivekananda Park, is perfect for adda. And no longer with your pet! You’ll have a blast if you stroll into this cafe with your four-legged friend. The loaded cheese poutine, chicken grande nachos, and blue tea with tea cakes are among the best items on their menu.