Pet Friendly restaurants in hyderabad

Hyderabad has a strong community of pet parents, who do not treat their pets as accessories or trophies, but as an integral part of their families. A family dinner outside for them is one where they can take their pets along. Also, the number of pet travellers visiting the city for work or leisure has been increasing each year, thanks to  the city’s rich history and it’s distinction of being a business hub.  To provide the residing and touring pets and parents with pet-friendly dining options, many pet-friendly cafes/restaurants have opened around the city. Use the list below as a guide to such cafes/restaurants:


The Hoppery - Jubilee Hills


 A pet-friendly outside seating area is available at this microbrewery until 6 PM every day. While you savour food and beverages, the doggos can amble around doing the sniffs and tumbles. The Hoppery offers a ton of delicious culinary options in addition to its extensive beer menu.


The Roastery Coffee House


This place is popular for its coffee and for being pet-friendly. It’s a luxuriant bungalow in Banjara Hills with a yard that’s ideal for your dogs to relax in.


Humming Bird Café


This charming, pet-friendly 5-star café boasts of a pretty garden, which converts into a merry play zone for pet guests.


Autumn Leaf Café


In the shade of tall, majestic banyan trees, lies this warm, welcoming,  pet-friendly café. The green canopy and the serene atmosphere make this place one of the favourite haunts of pets and pet parents. Pets can run amok around the trees and shrubs, until they are drained of all their energy. They can also laze around in the outside seating area and enjoy the light breeze, while their parents relish a hot cuppa.


Café De Loco - The Pet Café


This rustic-looking, pet-friendly café is a dream come true for pets and pet parents for more reasons than one. Firstly, the laid-back, bohemian ambience of this café make it a fun place for pet parents to hang out, network, and bond over their pets. Secondly and most importantly, the café has a separate pet kitchen where dog-friendly food  is prepared. In short, the café serves up snazzy bites and a super good time for both pet dogs and parents.


The Pet Café - Hyderabad


This cosy, stylish café is not only pet-friendly, but is pet-themed as well! Owned and run by avid animal lovers, this unique café has everything that will make pets and parents jump with joy! They have a table in the shape of a bone, a counter where parents can snap Polaroid photos of their pets, a book shelf with animal care books, and an entire room dedicated to the playtime.




The outside seating area of this swanky resto-bar is pet-friendly till 6 pm. Pet parents can down a couple of beers or cocktails, feast on the restaurant’s popular Tandoori chicken and Currywurst, while giving their pet dogs and cats what they really want – their parents’ time, love, and tenderness.


Terrassen Café


This is a pet-friendly restaurant serving up only vegan food. It’s a cosy, compact place that’s ideal for enjoying a peaceful supper with your animal companion.


Hole in the Wall Café


This pet-friendly café is known for its delicious, pocket-friendly meals.  Pet dogs and cats are welcome to play and roam around the cafe as their parents relax by the swings.


Hyderama Café


This is one of the new pet-friendly locations that has recently drawn a lot of attention. The spacious outdoor area with loads of natural light gives pets the chance to run wild and free, and take in a lot of Vitamin D . Every Sunday at 4 p.m., this place also hosts pet meetings.


The Coffee Cup


This pet-friendly Book/Café Bistro, with its old-world charm and lush vegetation, is the perfect ‘hang out’ for pets and their parents. While the green acres turn into a play pen and entice the pets, the aroma of freshly brewed café gets the parents nostalgic and hooked to this place forever.


Groove 9


This pet-friendly café has a charming backyard garden, interesting seating arrangements, and rabbits hopping around. The garden gives pets ample space to run around, and the rabbits give them reason to. The natural setting and the cool breeze together make this the perfect place to chill.


Collage -Hyatt Hyderabad


This pet-friendly restaurant can be best described as the ‘green oasis’ at the centre of the concrete desert called an IT park. The green foliage invites pets to go berserk. To catch their breath at the end of play time, pets can join their parents in any of the spacious dining rooms, and relax while enjoying the scenic countryside.


Mrs. Mage - Hyatt Hyderabad


This restaurant, which serves up delectable global cuisine,  is located in the pet-friendly outdoor poolside lounge of the Hyatt Gachibowli. Here, pet parents can sip an exotic cocktail, go on a culinary tour of the world, and enjoy the tranquil sounds of the sea, with their fur buddies for company.


Slice’d – The Gourmet Pizzeria


If you are in the mood for some pizza, pasta or some delicious desserts, this is one of the finest places to visit with your pet. Slice’d is located in Banjara Hills with a dedicated outdoor sitting space for you to have a great time with your pet buddy.


Ironhill Café


This is a popular, budget- friendly with some great coffee options. This place also is pet-friendly. With vintage aesthetics, this café has a garden area for pets.


E’woke – The Vegan Café


This is a pet-friendly,  100% vegan café in Sainikpuri.  It is an Instagrammable café.


Heart Cup Coffee


Everyone is aware of Heart Cup in Hyderabad. Their food and coffee options are undoubtedly the best in town. They have a pet-friendly space for coffee lovers only in Gandipet outlet.


Aaromalé - Café & Creative Community


This pet-friendly health café serves fresh cold pressed juices, super food smoothies and nutritious food. Are you ready to take the Stairway to Health? This café welcomes pets as well.