Goa’s beaches and it’s ‘party-town’ vibes lure many visitors to this city. Recently, it has become the favourite haunt for pet travellers too. The city is also home to many pet parents, who often seek to spend quality time with their pets outside the confines of their homes. To keep such pets and parents engaged and entertained, many pet-friendly cafes/restaurants have opened across Goa. Given below is a list of such places:





This pet-friendly resto-bar is a hot favourite amidst pet parents.  Pet guest here can socialise at ease not just with the other pets who come visiting, but also the resto-bar’s very own resident dogs, Queenie and Luna. While you enjoy the delectable cuisine and drinks, your fur buddies will enjoy each other’s company and your’s. The staff is welcoming and courteous, so just make sure your companioning furry friends are well-behaved.




At this pet-friendly restaurant, you can enjoy beautiful views of the beach and the setting sun, spend time with your ‘paw’some friends, and treat your taste buds to some mouthwatering seafood.


Cafe Sussegado


This pet-friendly cafe serves up some delicious fish. Their crab and prawn curries are also a must-try. So, dig into these delicacies, while your pet dogs and cats relax by your side.


Montego Bay Beach Village


This casual, pet-friendly restaurant, is well renowned for its drinks, pasta dishes, and mouthwatering butter garlic prawns. Both pet parents and their pets are made to feel very welcome here by the personnel.

Pet-Friendly-Robin's -Ark

Robin's Ark


This pet-friendly restaurant  boasts of gorgeous decor and delectable food. Their pesto chicken and the chicken quesadilla are very popular. Pet parents who walk in here with their furry friends are guaranteed a great time.


Chef Peter’s Kitchen


At this pet-friendly cafe, the chef serves up true Goan food at his own backyard. Enjoy the chef’s specialities like the shark ambotik and the prawn rissois, in the company of your pet cats and dogs.




This pet-friendly coffee shop is a great place to work, dine, or unwind. Their hot beverages and mezze platter are a huge hit. The nicest thing about this place is that it immerses you in a verdant forest and provides the finest smoothie bowls and drinks so you and your pet friend may stay cool on a sweltering Goan afternoon.




This new pet-friendly, all-day breakfast establishment has been making the headlines everywhere for its laid-back atmosphere and absolutely amazing crepes. Here, one can enjoy  great breakfast, live music, and fine beverages, in the company of their beloved pets.


Bean Me Up


This pet-friendly all-vegan restaurant serves up some of the city’s best vegan cheese pizzas, avo toasts, curry dinners, and varieties of pastas. The cosy garden seating area is where your pets can have fun with other pet guests at the restaurant, while you can watch over and grab a healthy meal as well.


The Patio at Pizza Delizia


This pet-friendly resto-bar is popular for its concert evenings and karaoke nights! Pet parents visit this place often, as they get to enjoy some great music with their pets, while sipping on some beverages and digging into their favourite prawn tacos, salmon steak, Arpora pizza, or beef burritos.


Toro Toro


This pet-friendly restaurant is an ideal weekend hangout for pets and parents. They serve up some of the best seafood and thin crust pizzas in Goa, and their BBQ menu is to-die-for! One can enjoy a wonderful brunch here, with live music and their pet dogs for company.


Moki Bar & Kitchen


This pet-friendly, rooftop restaurant, is the perfect place to chill with your pets. It’s biggest USP is it’s unique menu. It includes some modern European dishes, and also some standard café suspects such as sandwiches, golgappas, fries and wings that are served with a twist.




This is a pet-friendly Portuguese home, with eclectic interiors and an inviting garden area for pets to walk on or play. The biggest draw of this place is its courteous staff, who treat pets just like other guests, and shower them with lots of warm love and care. They also sometimes go out of their way to stir up some pet-friendly meals like boiled meat, so that your pets can enjoy this place as much as you do.




This pet-friendly, thatched-roof garden eatery is the perfect hang out for you and your pets. Your pets can roam around in the garden, while you savour the delectable dishes you order. At Suzie’s, you cannot simply stroll in for a meal; instead, you must make reservations for each course on their website one day in advance after making your dinner reservations. This thoughtful action supports their zero-waste policy.


Luna’s Ristorante 


This brand-new pet- friendly Italian restaurant serves up authentic Neapolitan-style pizzas, prepared in the traditional Italian way – i.e., over a wood-fired oven.


Prana Mandrem


This pet-friendly café with its traditional Tamil Nadu-style architecture and rustic coconut rooftops, is bordered by one of the most peaceful, scenic beaches in Goa. Bring your pets here, so you can have some fun on the sand with your fur buddies, and then head to the café to relax, grab some great grub, and recharge!


Babka Goa


Enjoy some specialty coffee, freshly baked goods, or a selection of delectable sweets like salted caramel éclairs and Belgian chocolate chip cookies at this pet-friendly pâtisserie and bakery. As long as you bring Your own food, your animal companion may join you as you indulge in these Parisian pleasures.