Pet friendly restaurants in chennai

Chennai’s hospitality industry is the first to embrace the ‘pet wave’ that has been sweeping through the city since the last decade. As a result, many popular cafes/restaurant chains in the city have started welcoming pets on board. Numerous pet-friendly cafes/restaurants have also sprouted in different parts of the city. Here is a list of such cafes/restaurants:



Wild Garden Café At Amethyst


Probably the first pet-friendly café in Chennai, is The Wild Garden Café. The café is a tranquil haven of greenery, and it even includes a garden with a lotus pond that dogs will adore exploring. Pick from a variety of pizzas, pastas, sandwiches, fusion dishes, and desserts when it comes to the menu. The café does not serve any pet food.


The Summer House Eatery


This charming restaurant in Alwarpet is ideal for a date with your beau and your pup. Tacos, sweet and savoury crepes, Khimchi Udon, Korean Fried Chicken with sesame oil, and even some Thai foods are available to enjoy while sitting outside.


PH Cafe (Psychedelic Hues)


This cafe in Egmore offers outdoor seating so you may enjoy yourself with your four-legged buddy. Although they provide excellent breakfast selections, you may also enjoy a full supper that includes pasta, sandwiches, veggie steaks, fish, chicken meals, sizzlers, and more. If you plan to stay for dinner, arrive before the cafe closes at 9 p.m.

Pet-Friendly-The Farm-OMR

The Farm, OMR


 This pet-friendly restaurant serves a wide array of delicacies prepared using ingredients sourced predominantly from their own farm.  The pets and parents visiting The Farm are treated to a one-of-a-kind ‘rural’ experience, that can be best described as ‘Life on the Udder Side’.  The Farm also plays host to an organic shop, where fresh farm produce is on sale.


Drizzle By The Beach


This pet-friendly casual dining bar on ECR lets you and your four-legged pal enjoy the sea view while dining. Along with live music, karaoke, and rooftop seating, they offer inside and outdoor dining. The ground floor alone is pet-friendly. They also offer a buffet, so you can certainly eat a substantial lunch here. The resto-bar also offers simple chicken and veggie meals, which you can serve your pets.


ATTE Glocal Cafe


Two incredibly amiable dogs live in this small, eccentric, pet-friendly cafe in Besant Nagar: Whiskey, a husky, and Madras, a bulldog. At this cafe, you can eat and play board games with the two by your side! You are welcome to bring your pets along, so they may interact with and play with other canines. Moreover, their smoothies and pasta are tasty and reasonably priced! Need we say more?


Tryst Cafe


This home-turned-restaurant in Neelankarai, is very pet-friendly. Their lush green garden area is an ideal playground for pets. Since the café overlooks the beach, you can take a stroll on the beach with your pets in between meals, or just relax outside where the ambiance is quite laid back. Their sinfully rich desserts are very popular.


Kalo's Beach Cafe and Rooms


Many people adore this restaurant since it welcomes pets in addition to serving delicious Chicken Tikka Pasta and Waffle Pops. They feature inside seating as well as a few tables outside. Take your dog there for a date in the evenings.


Twisty Tails


This pet-friendly eatery is one of the popular hangouts in Chennai. The ideal place to take your pets on a date is Twisty Tails, where they can run about while you have some delicious pasta.


Sandy's Kitchen & Chocolate Laboratory


This is a pet-friendly eatery in one of the greenest patches of Chennai. You can be sure that your pet will feel right at home because everyone here is welcoming and knowledgeable about animals. Although Sandy’s is open all day, we advise going in the evening when the weather is nice because the outdoor seating area may get warm in the afternoons.


Chamiers Café


Most of us are familiar with Chamiers Café as a stunning, entirely enclosed old-world café. However, they do have pet-friendly outdoor dining in the garden area at the back. But you’ll need to leave your dog with a friend if you want to browse the tiny boutiques at the café.


The Bark


This pet-friendly restaurant offers a fantastic, lush backyard where your pets may play, as well as a pool where they can swim or just relax in the sunshine. Additionally, this restaurant provides delicious food at reasonable costs. Try the sirloin steak or the grilled chicken, which we highly recommend. Every few months, they also change their menu, so each time you go, you can expect to find something fresh.


Les Amis


This pet-friendly place churns out some delectable European treats, thus transporting you and your friends  celebrate with your friends because our European treats will take you all on an incredible culinary adventure across the world!


Lyfe by Soul Garden Bistro


This is a full-fledged pet-friendly, multi-cuisine restaurant that serves up human-grade food that caters to varied dietary needs. At LYFE, the freshest produce is sourced and used to prepare hygienic meals without using any artificial flavours, preservatives, colours, or additions. The way food is prepared, served, packaged, repurposed, and recycled is another aspect of LYFE.


The Indie Frost - Egmore


The proud, new addition to Egmore’s (Chennai) café landscape is The Indie Frost – a charming, pet-friendly café that satiates the social needs of both pets and pet parents. The café serves up some lip-smacking short-eats and delicious fruity shots for its non-furried guests. Pets at the café can have loads of fun at its open backyard, and at the green park adjoining the café.


Scooby's Cafe


This is not just a pet-friendly café, but a café FOR pets as well! This is the only café in Chennai that serves up Chicken-based cakes for pet dogs and Tuna-based cakes for pet cats. A wide variety of mouth-watering treats are up for grabs for both pets and parents at this café.