Pet Friendly Hotels In Pondicherry

Pondicherry (or Puducherry), is a gem of a township on the shores of the mighty Bay of Bengal. This coastal town is a unique fusion of French and Indian cultures, with chic French style avenues running parallel to rugged Indian streets. The French connection and sun-kissed beaches of Puducherry have lured many foreign nationals to either migrate to or visit the town often, sometimes with their pets. To provide a wholesome Puducherry experience to these tourists and their pets, many new pet- friendly hotels/homestays have been opened in strategic locations around the town. Existing hotels too have learned to accept and embrace these pets as guests, and are providing specialized service to keep them ‘happy’. Given below is a list of hotels/homestays in Puducherry where you can stay with your pets:

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Villa Bas Home Stay

This pet-friendly hotel provides a well-manicured garden, where pets and pet parents can play around. Clean, spacious rooms and a fully equipped kitchen will remind guests of their home. Pet parents can use the kitchen to cook a homely meal for their pets, instead of relying on canned pet food.



FabEscape Queens Paradise


Located just off the Promenade beach, this pet-friendly hotel provides its pet guests and their parents a breathtaking view of the beach from the terrace. Pet parents can also take their pet cats and dogs for long, refreshing walks in the clean street lining the beach.


Le Posh Luxury

This is a pet friendly hotel located near the Paradise beach. As the name suggests, the hotel provides luxury accommodation and personalized care to pets and pet parents. Parents can take their pet cats and dogs to the Paradise beach for joyful walks or some fun on the sands.


K Resort

This 4-star, pet-friendly resort is famous for its wide open spaces, stoned pathways, well maintained gardens, and man-made water holes. Pets are free to explore this vast property unleashed. Even the rooms are large enough for pets to prance around.


Pet-Friendly-Mermaid-Island Beach-Resort

Mermaid Island Beach Resort


The beach is just a stone’s throw away from this pet-friendly resort. So, for pet guests and parents at this resort, the beach is both their walking trail and playground! The property is also close to many tourist attractions. Pet parents can choose places of interest nearby where pets are welcome and visit them.


Pet Friendly Hotels In Pondicherry - Hotel Villa Des Gouverneurs
Hotel Villa Des Gouverneurs

The USP of this resort is it’s plush garden and the Promenade beach that is at a walkable distance.  Pet parents can take their pet cats and dogs for a walk along the Promenade beach, while enjoying the sea breeze. 


Paradisestay Auro Jungle Resort

This pet-friendly resort offers a convenient, comfortable, and relaxed stay for pets and pet parents. It provides all modern amenities to its guests including a pool. is resort has all the basic amenities including a pool.


Angel Heritage Home – Serenity Beach

This pet-friendly holiday home has 3 comfortable, spacious bedrooms, ideal for pet families. Pets have enough room to run around and make merry inside the home itself. The warm hospitality rendered by the gracious host adds to the homely aura of this place.


Villa Shakti

This pet-friendly villa offers comfortable accommodation for both pets and pet parents. Some units have a sit out / balcony. This is ideal for pet parents who like to spend their evenings sipping coffee and enjoying the city view, with their pets by their side.


Le Clarisse Guest House

This pet-friendly property is close to many tourist attractions and dining options. Pet parents can take their pets to pet-friendly diners and tourist spots nearby, and enjoy the vacation as a family.


Majestic Ray Bungalow

This massive, 5-bedroom bungalow is pet-friendly, and allows pets and parents access to a terrace, garden, and private beach area. It is perfect for pet vacations, as pets enjoy beaches and open spaces.


Lily Pool Villa

This pet-friendly villa takes one away from the hustle and bustle of the city and into the lap of nature. The well-maintained garden is perfect for walking and playing with pets. The hammocks can serve as comfortable resting pads for pets and pet parents. 


Dune Eco Village & Spa

When love for life – human, plant, and animal – meets love for art, the fusion results in a sprawling, spectacularly landscaped, and aesthetically designed ‘ecosystem’, where every form of life joyfully thrives! The Dune Eco Village & Spa is this breath-takingly beautiful ‘ecosystem’! Dune is a 35 acre paradise, filled with sights and sounds that soothe the heart and soul! It is studded with stunning fauna, impeccably manicured, spacious lawns, comfy cottages where you can spend some quiet time with your thoughts or quality time with friends/family, and a private beach that promises loads of fun under the sun. The icing on the cake? IT IS PET-FRIENDLY!