Pet Friendly Hotels In Kolkata

No tour of India can be complete without a visit to Kolkata, the City of Joy. Such is it’s old world charm and cultural significance! It is no surprise then that many globe trotters fly to Kolkata, some even with their pet cats and dogs in tow, to enjoy all that this historical city has to offer. To accommodate these two-legged and four-legged travellers, many existing hotels in the city are now throwing their doors open to pet guests and parents. New pet-friendly hotels are also opening at a rapid pace to meet with this demand. Read on to know more about these hotels/resorts/homestays.

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Hotel Park Victoria


This pet-friendly hotel is situated amidst a bustling street lined with casual eateries. Choose this hotel if the thought of walking down the street with your pets, shopping, and downing gol gappas and rosogullas brings a smile to your face.



Senses Hotel


This is a pet-friendly, new age, business class hotel located in the heart of Kolkata. Since the hotel is close to the airport, pets on board long flights, can make a quick dash from the airport to the hotel with their pet parents, and destress in the hotel’s cozy rooms. 



ibis - Rajarhat


This modern, pet-friendly hotel, with a striking exterior and quirky interior, welcomes business travellers, vacationers, and petcationers. The hotel is home to many cool, Instagram-friendly spots. Pet parents can have a field day here, capturing fun moments with their pets on camera, and creating wonderful memories out of them.



Offbeat CCU


Offbeat CCU is a one-of-its-kind Integrated Ecosystem based in Kolkata, and is a pet-
friendly place. It is credited to be the first full-fledged backpackers’ hostel at Kolkata. Offbeat CCU is also a hub for Entertainment, Hospitality, Events, Workshops, Certifications, Fitness and Lifestyle. 



Novotel - Hotel & Residences


Novotel’s Residences/Apartments are pet-friendly serviced apartments, offering pets and pet parents a home away from home in Kolkata. These apartments provide ample space for pets to move about and adequate facilities for pet parents to relax in. Parents can also treat their pets to a home-cooked meal using the fully-furnished kitchen in the apartment. 



Treebo Trend Dream Plaza


Treebo Trend Dream Plaza is a pet-friendly hotel that provides comfortable accommodation for both pets and pet parents. Since the hotel is located in a quiet
neighbourhood, pet parents can take their pets for leisurely strolls in the streets.



Vivanta - EM Bypass


In this pet-friendly 5-star hotel in Kolkata, pets and pet parents can enjoy world-class hospitality, care, and comfort. This hotel is suitable for business travellers, vacationers, and petcationers.



The Elgin Fairlawn


This is a pet-friendly heritage hotel located in the vibrant and most cosmopolitan part of Kolkata.  Note that pets are allowed in this hotel only during off season – i.e., between 15th March and 15 th June.



The Creek Club


The Creek Club is a pet-friendly club, which offers a slice of nature that is unadulterated by pollution and untouched by ‘modernity’. Lush green environments and sparkling waters that Creek Club boasts of, are ideal play pens for energetic pets. .


Pet Friendly Hotels In Kolkata - Yellowbrick-5/4

Yellowbrick - 5/4


This is a colourful, pet-friendly space that’s big on light, air, comfort and fun! Pet parents can enjoy crazy adventures with their pet cats and dogs here.



Taj City Centre New Town


This pet-friendly hotel is an epitome of grandeur and the hallmark of urban hospitality. The hotel’s proximity to the airport and shopping mall are a hug draw for frequent travellers.



Taj Bengal


This is a pet-friendly landmark luxury hotel in downtown Kolkata. This 5-star hotel offers the best of services to both human and pet guests. Since many prominent landmarks are within walking distance from the hotel, pet parents can choose pet-friendly tourist attractions in the neighbourhood and visit those places with their pets.

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