Pet Friendly Hotels In Hyderabad

Hyderabad, a major center for the technology industry, is also famous for its rich history, princely charm, and delicious cuisine. These factors have cemented it’s position in the tourism map of the world. So, tourists often flock to Hyderabad to take in its sights and smells. Many a time, pets too
follow their pet parents into Hyderabad, to enjoy a full-on family vacation in this City of Nawabs. Hotels/homestays in the city have hence begun to welcome pets into their fold. Many new pet- friendly hotels have also set-up shop in the city. Check out the hotel options in other cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Goa, Bangalore.

Pet Friendly Hotels In Hyderabad - Oakwood Residence Kapil

Oakwood Residence Kapil


Pets and pet parents can enjoy world-class service at these spacious, airy, and fully furnished, these service apartments that allow enough room for pet cats and dogs to play around. Pet families can even cook up a hearty meal for pets in the fully-equipped kitchen to make them feel at home.





This is a pet-friendly, 5-star hotel in Hyderabad. This lush green property features a scenic walking track, fitness center & an outdoor pool. It is ideal for pet guests who look for long morning/evening strolls with their pet parents.



Falcons Nest Merlin Studios, Madhapur


A home away from home, this pet-friendly apartment hotel, is close to the railway station. It is hence an ideal crash-pad for pets and parents travelling by train. Parents can also enjoy a picnic or simply a leisurely walk with their pets at the Durgam Cheruvu lake front nearby.



Hotel Signature Airport Zone


Located in an area with shops and businesses, this pet-friendly hotel is ideal for shopaholic pet parents. These pet parents can check into the hotel can go on a shopping spree in the array of shops nearby, with their pets in tow.



Falcons Nest La Riviera Suites


LA Riviera Suites is a pet-friendly place, which provides pets and pet parents with personalized attention, impeccable service, and a homely feel. One of the reasons is that the hotel is close to the Durgam Cheruvu lake front. 



White Fern Stays


Individually-styled apartments allow pets the luxury of space – space where they can play around in. The fully-equipped modular kitchen helps pet parents cook homely meals to delight their pets, than rely on packed pet food.



The Wilderness Retreat


Set on lush, tropical grounds, this laid-back, pet-friendly resort is close to the Osman Sagar Lake and Mrugavani National Park – two of the most scenic spots in Hyderabad. The resort is the perfect place to bring pets to. At this resort, pet parents can enjoy the warmth of a bonfire with their pets by their side.  The resort’s house pets Whiskey, Ghost, Killer, and Buddy might even drop by to say hi!.


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