My Indie Story


Coco, my pet Labrador, had just turned 5, when I heard about an abandoned, one month old puppy in Chennai, which had been mauled by older strays in her neighbourhood. My NGO, The Pawsome People Project, took the puppy to the vet after I called. The child was bleeding profusely because her attackers had ripped out her intestines. She was dying. When I met her at the vet’s, I knew she was mine. Doctors doubted whether she’d survive the terrible attack. I was hopeful that she’d make it. My hero fought and won. After a complex procedure at the Eden Zooist Clinic in Kilpauk and a few days of rehabilitation, I took little Whiskey home.

Initially, Whiskey didn’t warm up to us. She was apprehensive, scared, and treading on eggshells, whenever I tried to pet her. Her fear was heightened by serious skin troubles. Fire and chemicals had badly burned her skin. But Coco helped Whiskey and us adjust through this difficult time. Coco was Whiskey’s playmate and brother. She felt more secure with Coco around. Seeing how much we loved Coco, made her feel more comfortable in our company. Soon, her skin condition vastly improved, and her insecurities vanished. From then, Whiskey has been a constant source of joy for our family.

 Since we adopted her 4 months ago, life has gone from normal to magnificent. Whiskey’s unconditional affection and quiet faith in us have increased our resolve to rescue more strays and find them homes. 

My son Aarav’s friendship with Coco and Whiskey gives me hope for the future .. hope for a world sans boundaries of caste, creed, religion, or species, and where only LOVE reigns! 

Feel free to contact me, Divya, if you know of any strays who need to be rescued. My number is: 9003117099

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