How To Keep Your Pets Safe During Diwali?


Diwali – the festival of sound, lights, and sweets – can be a happy occasion to you, but it can also be harrowing for your pets. It is hence important to keep your pets safe during Diwali.

Everything related to the Diwali festival, from the firecrackers to the fumes, can be detrimental to your pets’ health. So…what do we do to make sure that our pets enjoy the Diwali festival as much as we do? Here are a few tips!

Keep Them Away From Noise

The loud sound of firecrackers can unnerve even the bravest of pets. So, the first thing that you need to do to keep your pet safe during Diwali, is to move him/her to a sound-proofed room. If you do not have such a room, then make sure that all windows are closed and curtains are drawn down, so that they nullify the noise.

Choose The Right Time To Walk Your Pets

It is best not to expose your pets to the smoke and the debris that crackers burst during the Diwali festival leave behind. So, it is good practice to walk your pets before your neighbours start bursting crackers. If you do not have a choice but to walk them after, then do not let your pets nibble at left- over crackers. Crackers are filled with harmful chemicals that can gravely affect the health of your pet.

Avoid Unnecessary Commotion At Home

Pets often mirror the mood at home. This means that if there is chaos at home, your pets will be restless; if peace reigns at home, then your pets will be calm. Frenzied preparations during the Diwali festival can sometimes put your nerves on edge. Guests at home can also distract you from your duties at a pet parent. The unusually high activity levels at home, raised voices, and your neglect can depress your pets. To lift their moods, please take some time each day out of your busy Diwali schedule to spend with your pets. Shower love on them. Pamper them. Make sure that they see you happy and smiling. Keep the chaos quotient inside the house during Diwali to a bare minimum. Plan your day carefully, so that confusion is avoided.

Say NO To Chemicals

The best way to keep your pets safe during Diwali is to make your home a Chemical-free zone. Whether you are cleaning your house for Diwali or decorating it with rangoli, make sure you use herbal products only. Never forget that chemicals can be poison to pets.

Oil Lamps/Diyas Should Be Out Of Your Pet’s Reach

Pets, particularly the ones that are used to moving about freely in the house, are prone to fire accidents during Diwali. This is because, their tails can inadvertently topple a diya or two, and can even get singed in the bargain. A good ‘Diwali safety lesson’ for pet parents would be to light lamps/diyas only in places where pets cannot reach them. Preferably, light diyas in the terrace/balcony, and keep the doors leading to the terrace/balcony closed. If you must light lamps inside the house, then place them in high spots.

Hide Live Wires/Cables From Pets

If you choose to illuminate your home using fancy lights during the Diwali festival, then take care to hide the live electrical wires/cables supporting these lights. Let them not be lying where your pets can trample on them and get hurt.

Feed Your Pets Well, But DO NOT Feed Them Sweets

Diwali is a time where your pets’ anxiety levels reach an all-time high. This is primarily owing to the sight and sounds of crackers. As a result, you will find them panting and salivating profusely. To keep your pets safe, calm, and less anxious during Diwali, feed them nutritious, pet-friendly food, and get them to drink lots of water. Most importantly, in your well-meaning attempt to pacify their panic attacks, DO NOT FEED THEM SWEETS. Sugar-laden foods can adversely impact the health and well-
being of your pets.

While all the tips above can help your pets stay physically safe during Diwali, their mental health during the festival should not be neglected. Use the tips discussed in to ensure the mental health of your pets during Diwali. Make this Diwali a fun and memorable one for yourself and your pets!

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