The Indie Frost – A Delightful Pet-Friendly Café In The Heart Of Chennai!


The proud, new addition to Egmore’s (Chennai) café landscape is The Indie Frost – a charming, pet-friendly café that satiates the social needs of both pets and pet parents. The Indie Frost should be rightly called the ‘café of surprises’. Because firstly, the Indie Frost café chain has set up shop in the most unusual locations in Chennai, and has given those locations a fresh, pet-centric dimension. The Indie Frost’s birth place, West Mambalam, is known for temples, Tambrams, and traditional food. The cafe’s second home, Egmore, with its malls and plazas, is a popular shopping destination. To pick these busy locations for creating a tranquil oasis for pets, is in itself surprising! Moreover, walking into the pet-friendly café in Egmore  is like unwrapping a box of goodies! The entrance of The Indie Frost leads into an open walkway lined by tall trees and pretty potted plants – a stark contrast to the concrete jungle outside. I could instantly picture my pet retriever Vaibhav,  merrily strutting down this walkway, taking in the new sights and smells!

As I let my eyes wander around The Indie Frost, I realized that it has been specifically designed to serve as a ‘happy place’ for pets. For instance, the walkway doubles as a café space, with comfortable seating arrangements for humans and animals alike. If you and your pets like to have fun under the sun, then this outdoor space will be ideal for you. To add to its outdoorsy vibe, The Indie Frost pet-friendly café also has a sprawling lawn were your furry and non-furry kids can play around.  Since the entire café is well-fenced, pet parents do not have to worry about their pets straying out of the café. If pet parents want to escape from the heat, then they can use the air-conditioned, aesthetically designed indoor space. Parents can chill here, while gleefully watching their pets having a good time outside.

The Indie Frost pet-friendly café is also a ‘rules-free’ zone for pets – they can walk unleashed and can ‘pee-away’ anywhere outside without anyone shooing them and saying ‘go away’! The lawn and walkway can also be used to host small, memorable b’day parties for pets and their furry friends.

By this time, I was convinced that only a true-blue pet lover could have created such a space! And was I right! The Indie Frost pet-friendly café chain is run by the young husband-wife duo – Divya and Vivek – IT professionals by day, and pet-lovers all day!! Divya must have been born with the ‘Pet-loving’ gene ! I say this because, this is a trait that she acquired from her grandmother, who had a place in her heart and in her home for all species! Divya and Vivek are pet parents themselves, and like many others, were often frustrated that there was no place in Chennai where they could ‘hang out’ with their pets. Their helplessness grew during Covid, when both pets and parents had no outlet for their pent up energy! The Indie Frost was born out of that emotional roller-coaster.

The pet-friendly café serves up a variety of healthy, vegetarian short eats for their ‘non-furry’ guests, from sandwiches, nachos, to burgers. Their refreshing mocktails, and their creamy shots with a salty kick, are a must-try. But their smoothies are a real rage! Divya and Vivek carefully curated the smoothie range after months of research and experimentation. What’s more, they also have a dedicated menu

for pets. From branded food products like Pedigree to healthy, home-cooked vegetable, egg, and chicken rice, nutritious and tasty food for pets is on offer at The Indie Frost. Parents can also bring their pet’s favorite food from home and feed them at the Indie Frost café.

Also, since Divya is a strong advocate for pet rescue and adoption, she is hosts many adoption drives at the café.

So…this weekend, bring your pets to the Indie Frost pet-friendly café, Egmore show them a good time, and make this café your “happy place” too!  

The Indie Frost is located @ Co-optex, 350, Pantheon Road., Sulaiman Zackria Avenue, Egmore, Chennai – 600008. For reservations, contact Divya @ 9003117099.

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