Dune Eco Village and Spa – Paradise for Pets!


When love for life – human, plant, and animal – meets love for art, the fusion results in a sprawling,
spectacularly landscaped, and aesthetically designed ‘ecosystem’, where every form of life joyfully
thrives! The DUNE Eco Village and Spa is this breath-takingly beautiful ‘ecosystem’!
Dune is a 35 acre paradise, filled with sights and sounds that soothe the heart and soul! It is studded
with stunning fauna, impeccably manicured, spacious lawns, comfy cottages where you can spend
some quiet time with your thoughts or quality time with friends/family, and a private beach that
promises loads of fun under the sun. The icing on the cake? IT IS PET-FRIENDLY!
My pet retriever Vaibhav had the time of his life, when I had taken him to Dune recently. He was
uncontrollable from the get-go! The fact that the management does not insist on leashing the pets
(unless of course they are unfriendly / aggressive) is a big bonus to pet parents like me, and music to
Vaibhav’s ears! He ran around, wild and free, wherever his fours took him. Since the explorer in him
was on full on alert mode then, he merrily went and checked out everything that smelled and felt
different. The long, meandering pathways, flanked by greenery on either side, are perfect for early
morning walks and late evening strolls for pets and pet parents alike. Some of these pathways led
Vaibhav to pretty, pet-friendly cottages. Each cottage in Dune tastefully captures the architectural
nuances, sensibilities, and essence of unique cultures within and outside India. The cottages are
well-ventilated, well-equipped, and have been designed to blend with nature; not disturb it. Pet
parents often seek out the wood houses here, as they offer pets the luxury of an exclusive, massive
play area, enclosed within four walls. This is a huge relief for pet parents, who would like their pets
to have a good time, where they can always see and hear them.

After a quick tour of the cottages, Vaibhav went straight to the source of an enticing aroma! The
restaurant, obviously! Unfortunately, but understandably, restaurants in Dune are off-limits for pets.
But Vaibhav was not one to complain; why would he? He could enjoy a hearty meal with his pet
parents in the garden area adjoining the restaurant, where the cool breeze, tall trees, and freshly
watered grass sheltered him from the heat. Dune does not have a special menu for pets, but they do
not object to pet parents bringing pet food from home. While Vaibhav let himself go on his home-
cooked meal, I happily dug into the fine assortment of beverages, tonics, and flavourful foods from
around the world that Dune’s multi-cuisine restaurant serves up.
Suddenly, Vaibhav was distracted by a familiar sound – the sound of waves! Vaibhav’s no stranger to
the beach; so, he instantly figured out that the ocean was near and rushed right to it. It was blissful
watching my silly boy playing ‘catch-me-if-u-can’ with the sand and the sea! Play time for Vaibhav
extended as he was joined by Dune’s own pet dogs. These indies take a little while to warm up to
strangers, but once they do, they will never leave your side.
By now, Vaibhav had made some friends of ‘his’ kind and friends of ‘my’ kind. The staff at Dune, with
their affable nature and genuine love for pets, won Vaibhav’s heart and mine.
If all this hectic ‘pet activity’ leaves you exhausted, then feel free to take a relaxing dip in the lovely
pool at Dune and recharge your batteries. However, note that pets are not allowed in or around the
Finally, it was time for us to say bye to our gracious host. It was a quiet ride back home for me and
Vaibhav, as both of us were reminiscing the wonderful time we had at this gem of a place called
Dune – the ideal getaway for pets and all who love them!

Dune Eco Village and Spa is located @ 70, East Coast Road,, Pudhukuppam, Keelputhupet,
Puduchery, Tamil Nadu 605014
For reservations, call: 9159550341

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