Drizzle – By The Beach -Pets are welcome!


As pet parents who love our pets to death, my husband and I often find ourselves making plans to go out for a relaxed dinner at a fancy restaurant,  but end up cancelling  them because we do not have the heart to leave our pets behind! Sometimes, we muster enough courage to step out without our pets, but then we break Rule Number 10 in Pet Parenting – we turn around to say bye to our pets. And when that happens, the ‘Take-us-with-you’ look on our pets’ faces invariably melt us, compelling us to come right back home. I have lost count of the dinner/lunch invitations that we have turned down because we cannot take our pets along. I have literally prayed for a pet-friendly restaurant, where both pet parents and pets can gorge on some good food and have a fun time together. The Pet Gods answered my prayers with Drizzle By The Beach – a swanky, spacious resto-bar off the coast of Palavakkam, Chennai.

Drizzle moved from Neelangarai to a picturesque location overlooking the Palavakkam beach, 4 years ago. During the move, the Drizzle management noticed many pet parents taking their pets out for a walk by the beach regularly. They soon realized that if they can make their resto-bar pet-friendly, they will be making the ever-expanding community of pet parents very happy, which in turn will increase traffic to and business for their enterprise. So, they designed the ground floor of the resto-bar to suit the needs and sensibilities of pets and pet parents. This space is airy and bright and provides adequate room for pets to move about. Their only request is that you keep your pets on leash all the time. If your pet is a ball of energy, then you and your pet can use the entire Palavakkam beach as your playground, and swing by Drizzle to catch your breath.

If you are a foodie like me and my husband, then Drizzle will delight you. It boasts of a tasty, eclectic menu comprising of Indian and continental dishes, and a wide assortment of cocktails, mocktails, and tonics. While you wine and dine, your pets too can dig into the boiled egg/chicken/fish that Drizzle serves up (for a price) specially for its furry visitors. You can also bring your pet’s favorite food from home. Drizzle also provides a small garden area, where you and your pets can chill. A private banquet hall is also available, where pet families can host birthday parties for their pets.

This is not all! Looking at the positive response from pet families all over, Drizzle is now planning to host a PETS DAY OUT in its premises. The date and logistics are still being worked out; WATCH THIS SPACE FOR MORE INFO ON THIS FUN EVENT!

Thanks to Drizzle, Pet parents need no longer wonder where in Chennai they can ‘hang out’ with their pets! Every hour you spend at Drizzle with your pets is ‘Happy Hour’!

Drizzle is located at Part Ill, 69, 2nd Main Rd, VGP Layout, Palavakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600041. For reservations, call:  07402333303

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