Experience the dynamic city of Bangalore while delighting your pet’s taste buds at pet-friendly restaurants. Known as the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore embraces pet parents with open arms, offering a variety of dining options. From trendy cafes to garden-inspired bistros, the city’s pet-friendly eateries boast delicious cuisines and welcoming environments. Indulge in local delicacies, global flavours, and artisanal treats while sharing the experience with your beloved pet amidst Bangalore’s pleasant weather and lively atmosphere.


Art of Delight


This dessert shop cordially encourages you and your animal companion to enjoy their delectable treats together. There is space for four legs, a tail, and rolling around in the cosy environment.


Green Theory


For some fresh air at Green Theory, bring your dog along. This charming little cafe, housed in a bungalow, is surrounded by vegetation and makes for a tranquil getaway. Your companion can take advantage of all the attention that the cafe’s pet-loving customers and owners provide them as you savour the continental vegetarian fare that the kitchen has to offer.


Rasta Cafe


Rasta Cafe offers you and your dog a delightful escape just outside the city. On the Bangalore-Mysore highway, the expansive area is ideal for a game of fetch in between nibbles of the popular cafe’s snacks.




This well-known eatery borrows its name from the owner’s cherished dog. As you relax in the courtyard with your own pet, a gorgeous bungalow may be seen in the distance. Additionally positives are the European menu and the separate desserts bay.


The Reservoire


Any weekday, bring your pet to relax on the rooftop of The Reservoire. We guarantee happiness on both ends with space for your pet to run about and a view for you to enjoy while sipping on some cocktails. There is even a special doggie menu with items like boiled chicken, vegetables, and rice. Isn’t that wonderful?


The Fat Chef


The Fat Chef in Whitefield, which is next to the Jagriti Theatre, hosts indulgent Sunday breakfasts where it’s common to see pets and their pleased owners. Enjoy yourself at the feast table while your dog mingles with other canines of his sort.




One of our city’s busiest microbreweries, Toit, has an outdoor area where you and your canine friend can park on a less-busy day. It’s a nice place to sip beverages while chatting with your wise partner about the meaning of the cosmos and everything else. But before you walk in, be sure to make a reservation. Pet friendly place with a maximum of 3 dogs allowed.


Urban Solace


Urban Solace, one of the first establishments to accept dogs, sees a regular flow of your canine companions enter its doors. The socially charged weekend breakfasts are the times to bring your pet along for a leisurely meal and some company from your dog.


Hole In The Wall Cafe


Hole In The Wall’s breakfast runs require the whole family, including the furry ones. You can be certain that you can share your waffles, eggs, and bacon with your pet! And what better way to pass the time on weekends than playing with your dog while you (and other customers) wait in the really lengthy queue to be seated?


Mighty Paws Cafe


The location of Mighty Paws in Sarjapur is a charming home with vibrant green windows. Step inside this café with a nature and adventure motif while munching on your favourite Continental cafe fare, such as pancakes and pizza. The cafe is also a pet friendly cafe and you are welcome to bring your pets along.


TherPup - The Dog Cafe


Pet owners from all around the city frequent this eatery with a dog motif. Your canine friend will have plenty of company here with the seven resident dogs at the cafe. Even if you don’t have a pet but enjoy cuddling cute dogs, stop by and be greeted inside by several wagging tails. The menu here has options for both people and dogs, so you can both eat to your hearts’ content.


The Yogisthaan Cafe


The Yogisthaan Cafe is all about clean eating and lifestyle for all those health-conscious people out there. Come in for a healthy dinner, a peaceful environment, and to touch the resident dog, Doctor. Bring your pooch too.




Yes! This microbrewery also allows you to bring your pet along. In this laid-back setting with your dog by your side, sip your craft beer and devour their Chilli Texan Fries.


Stories Brewery & Kitchen


The town’s greenest brewery The Brew Chapter is all about creating a lasting impression. Everything beautiful has just begun. a location where you visit not only for the cuisine and drinks but also to be astounded by everything around you. One can’t help but feel at their best while here because everything is picturesque, mesmerising, and greener on every side. The good times may now start! The ambience is also pet friendly.


Snoopy Paws Cafe, Yelahanka


Snoopy Paws Cafe, a recent addition to the list that was founded by a passionate dog lover himself. This Bangalore dog cafe offers a basic continental menu and welcomes you and your furry buddy with a cheerful motif and lush surroundings.


Bohemians The Social House, Indiranagar


Those Bohemians With its light decor, The Social House is sure to exude the traditional boho vibe. Its Middle Eastern and European cuisine are made all the more enticing by the lighting. To enjoy yourself, bring your pets along. Bohemians The Social House is a restaurant that accepts vegans.


Eddy’s Cafe, Indiranagar


Small restaurant Eddy’s Cafe offers delicious All-Day Breakfast selections. Eddy’s Cafe is a terrific place to go with your dog because it offers both indoor and outdoor seating options, as well as a smoking area. The ideal setting for a great Sunday breakfast with your pet is this adorable dog-friendly bistro.




Because Zoey’s is a kid- and pet-friendly establishment, a weekend family brunch visit there is ideal. Board games are available at Zoey’s Cafe, which is situated in a serene area. The personnel at this restaurant will welcome you with warmth and friendliness.


Yellow Submarine


Yellow Submarine is an effluent-themed rooftop restaurant with a microbrewery and informal dining. The setting is stunning, has a lively atmosphere. The restaurant serves delicacies for both you and your pets, who can also mingle with the dogs belonging to the cafe owners. A large range of expertly made, incredibly refreshing mocktails and cocktails are available. The setting is ideal for a romantic outing or quiet time with friends.


Ella’s Petscape Café


This Bangalore fast-food dog cafe is a cute location for both parents and their canine friends. The meal is straightforward and delicious. They also have a variety of energising drinks, to effectively satisfy your pets’ appetite. Your little friends can roam the café and enjoy some enjoyable times together because it is roomy. The location is fantastically created to suit every visitor.