Back From Ukraine


It will now be easier for Indians trapped in war-torn Ukraine to come home with their beloved dog or cat. As a one-time relaxation, the Ministry of Fisheries, Animal Husbandry, and Dairy has issued an office memorandum making pet and owner rescue easier. This comes after a number of students stranded in various parts of Ukraine stated that they would refuse to leave their dogs behind if they were rescued.

“In light of the unique and extraordinary circumstances in war-torn Ukraine, where pre-export requisite formalities for the export of pets into India may not be met,” the office memorandum stated, “the import of pet dogs and/or pet cats, as well as stranded Indians being rescued by the Government of India, is being facilitated as a one-time relaxation measure.”

Under the reduced pre-import conditions, the owner must declare that the pet has been with them for at least one month. According to the office memorandum, “an updated pet vaccination certificate / pet book / pet passport describing the history of the vaccine” would be required, as will requisite vaccines due / delayed by no more than 15 days. If the vaccination card is not accessible, the pet must be quarantined for 30 days at Animal Quarantine and Certification Services or a State Veterinary Authority-designated site.

“In the event that a pet dog or cat is transported from a nearby neighbouring nation, such as Hungary or Poland, owners are urged to have the animals checked by the veterinary authority of the relevant country, if available at the airport or nearby,” the document states.

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